All That Manatee Eco Tours Has to Offer

All That Manatee Eco Tours Has to Offer


Naples, Florida undoubtedly ranks amongst the best places to visit in Florida and manatee eco tours are high on the list of “must-dos” as far as Florida tourist attractions. Manatee tours offered by Manatee Eco-Tours include a boat tour with a close-up view of Florida wildlife. Whether you are a wildlife photography enthusiast or simply a tourist looking for a wonderful adventure tour, Manatee Eco-Tours will exceed your expectations.

Captain Barry and Carol started their eco adventures business in beautiful Naples in 1999. The company started with just one boat and has since added six boats to the fleet, all while bringing visitors out on the waters and offering them an opportunity to see Florida wildlife at a very close range. All Captains are licensed, insured and certified with CPR/First Aid. The Captains also have the experience needed on the water to take you to the areas where you will most likely see manatees and other wildlife and they are also very knowledgeable regarding Florida’s habitat and the ecological struggles of manatees as well as other wildlife, allowing the tours to be informative and educational.

Naples, known for its pristine white sand beaches, is paradise for natural wildlife and home to some of the most diverse and unique ecosystems in the nation. Aside from alligators, a wide variety of birds and large fish, and other kinds of aquatic life that are common to Naples, manatees are a Florida treasure.

Also known as sea cows, these gentle giants are typically found in shallow, slow-moving rivers, bays, estuaries and coastal water ecosystems along the southeastern United States. They can live in fresh, brackish, or salt water. Manatees prefer waters that are approximately three to seven feet in depth, however, along the coast, manatees tend to travel in waters that are about 10 – 16 feet in depth. The warm waters around Naples provide manatees with safe living and breeding areas, the warm water they prefer, and a steady and easy to access food supply.

Manatees, despite their large size (measuring an average of 8 to 13 feet and weighing between 440 and 1,300 pounds), are in fact graceful swimmers. They glide at about 5 miles per hour, but are able to swim approximately 15 miles per hour in short bursts. Other information you are likely to learn about manatees during Manatee Eco-Tours manatee viewing tours may consist of the different species of manatees, parenting, diet, how they are protected by law, what types of behaviors on the water can put manatees at risk of injury or death, how they breathe and how they typically travel.

When traveling along the Southwestern portion of the Sunshine State, stop for a manatee eco-tour and experience all the wonder that makes precious manatees a Florida treasure.